Technical And Protective Services

 In the investigative field there is no substitute for experience!

Computer Crimes - Fraud - Theft - File Recovery

We have investigators available who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the complex investigation of computer crime. In addition to this we have staff members who have experience in the investigation of the use of computers to obtain, store, and conceal child pornography or other illegal activities and materials. With our knowledge and in most cases, using specialized software we can find well-hidden or deleted documents, e-mail, and photographs. We may also be able to restore these items to their original condition.

Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) Debugging

Beck Group employs state of the art equipment to search your environment for hidden telephone, room or body bugs, remote control signals, computer, fax and video transmitters, pulse tracking transmitters and even wide band frequency hopping devices (which rapidly change frequency) and are known as “burst bugs”. We will also test AC outlets, phone lines, and suspicious wires for very low frequency carrier current signals. Our sweep will ensure that your home or office is free of these devices.

Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services

In every protective assignment Beck Group assigns armed, former police officers to assure your safety. In cases involving extremely high risk we have on our staff former Philadelphia Police SWAT and unit officers who are especially trained and equipped to ensure your safety. Additionally, we can outfit our clients with protective appliances such as bullet proof vests.

Event and Arena Security

In this new age of terrorism Beck Group can provide single or multiple investigators to provide non-uniformed armed security for events, religious services, shopping centers etc. to ensure the safety of those attending.

Nationwide Information Services

Simple or extensive background investigations

Criminal and civil record searches

Bankruptcy-Lien-Judgments searches

Address and phone verification

Driver License and other Motor Vehicle inquiries

Property Information Searches

Social Security Number Verification

Corporate and Legal Services

Pre-employment screening

Witnesses locates


Worker Compensation-Insurance Investigations

Photographic Services: video-still-existing light

Employee Integrity

Crime Scene Search-Analysis-Evidence Recovery

Disgruntled Employees

Employee Disputes - Labor Issue

Full Range of Surveillance Services

Coupled with our extensive experience, our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of the latest, high tech, state of the art, covert surveillance systems. We also utilize advanced systems such as infra-red night vision equipment and powerful zoom lenses for documenting activity from great distances or under the cover of darkness.





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