Missing Persons and Abductions: Adults and Children

It is an unfortunate fact that today many police agencies are overwhelmed by their caseloads. As missing persons are sometimes not a priority to police they often go un-investigated. Some departments will not take a case until 48 hours has passed since a person was last seen, though the initial hours and days are often the most critical. This is where the services of a professional investigator are most important.

Our staff has decades of combined experience in the investigation of missing persons. Our experience includes both missing adults and children, to include those naturally missing (by choice) or abducted by a family member or stranger. Beck Group has no higher priority case. For these cases, we only assign former police missing person’s investigators.

NOTE: Under some circumstances involving cases of missing children or stranger abduction we will assist the family or police at no charge.


One simple definition, “To track prey or quarry”. Perhaps one of the most frightening things that can happen to a person. A crime in most states, sadly, as in missing person’s cases, police often lack the resources to help. At Beck Group, we have investigators who have successfully resolved these very serious threats. As with missing person’s cases, stalking is high priority. Customarily we attack this problem head on. The client is placed under surveillance by retired law enforcement officers, at the specific times the client is usually stalked. The offender is recorded in the act. We identify the offender and in some cases, take the individual into custody. We then accompany the client to local law enforcement where we present our evidence. In most cases law enforcement, will obtain a warrant of arrest for the offender and make an arrest. As a next step, we will accompany you to the proper authorities in your area where we will assist you in obtaining a protection order from the offender. Protection orders usually prohibit the offender from having any further contact and provide stiff penalties (usually immediate incarceration) for violation of the order.

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If you suspect that your spouse or “significant other” is being unfaithful Beck Group can help. Our agents will discreetly observe the party of your concern and learn the facts. Many times, nothing is occurring and the irregularities can be explained. Hopefully, nothing will be amiss and life can go on, if not, then you need to know.





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